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100,000 Apps Downloaded!  Thank you all

100,000 Apps Downloaded! Thank you all

By on Jan 21, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

We are super excited to announce a little bit of news today. It’s been a fun journey creating the apps we have launched so far, lots of sweat, tears and probably even blood go into each and every app and update that we put out. Sometimes it feels a little crazy creating products we love for such a massive industry where your app can get lost in a sea of Angry birds clones. But when we get some of the great emails and feedback that we get from our users who truly enjoy using the apps we create it makes it all worth it. It’s been a crazy journey so far thats for sure, but we are just getting started. Today we are happy to announce we recently hit a huge milestone of having over 100,000 apps downloaded! Thanks again everyone for all of your feedback along the way, it really makes our day to know that the apps we spend so much time and focus on creating are apps that you all use and love every day!

We want to thank you all for each and every download. There are so many things that we have in store for the upcoming year, its going to be an awesome year! We have many new apps coming in 2013 as well as some solid updates to our existing app lineup. It’s going to be a amazing and creative year for us and we hope to continue creating apps that provide a little fun in your life. Looking forward to the next million people we can touch. If you ever want to connect with us you can always check us out on Facebook at or Twitter at

Thank you all,

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