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AppEzzy Summer Updates

AppEzzy Summer Updates

By on Jul 25, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

Wow, I can’t believe the summer is already halfway over. It’s been a crazy busy summer for us, we have been super busy working on many projects at once and will be excited to share more with everyone closer to the end of the summer. Sometimes an idea might start small but morph over time and change with every new test build we create and in the end take months upon months of work until it will see daylight (if it even does see daylight).

We do have some news we are excited about that we can share now which is our brand new logo. We have been thinking of ideas for a long time now and really wanted something that showed a blend of technology and art. As app developers we are very technical and definitely nerds at heart that love to build stuff but at the same time have very creative sides and an artistic side that we like to put into our apps. After taking way too long to finally find the right logo we came to this unique mix of color, font and a brushstroke circle that we feel really showcases the mix of technology and art that we try to incorporate into all of our apps.

AppEzzy Logo

We also have a brand new app that should be finished in the next week that we are very excited about. With the Social Diary app, you get an automated diary for your iPad. You can quickly import all of your Facebook timeline and Twitter posts into a clean looking diary interface and breeze through your past posts with flip of the finger. If you see a post at you want to add more detail on just tap on the note button to add as many notes as you would like to at days activity.

We have also setup a brand new site where you can get on our notification list. Just go to and enter your email to keep updated on the release of the app.

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