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Wedding Photography 101

We have added another Photography 101 app to the app store, this one focuses on wedding photography. It’s another great photography guide to help you take more artistic wedding photos. You will learn how to get creative wedding photos along with real world examples and stories. This app is really an amazing price and the best value you will see out there! Learn from a real professional with over 10 years of photographing hundreds of weddings.

Get Wedding Photography 101 now in the App Store for your iPhone or iPad

Your guide to creating artistic wedding photos! With Wedding Photography 101 for the iPad you will learn from fine art wedding photographer Mark Stagi how to get more creative with your wedding photos.

Wedding Photography 101: A Guide to Taking Better Wedding Photos walks you through some key lessons to improve your wedding photos. Everything is explained in real life terms with beautiful large sample images. No drawn out techie terms just straight forward answers from award winning wedding and portrait photographer Mark Stagi. If you are thinking about getting into the wedding photography industry or looking for some creative photo ideas this is the perfect app for you. Read through some real life scenarios along with high resolution images to learn how to take your wedding photos to the next level. Camera settings and stories about each shoot are included.