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How to view this years nominees, trailers and picks

How to view this years nominees, trailers and picks

By on Feb 10, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

Some subtle but important changes for our Awards Hero: Oscars Edition iPhone app this year are on the nominees page. Last year we had two different pages, one to view the nominees along with trailers and movie info and then another page to vote. This year we are streamlining everything and combining these two pages into one. Along with our brand new look this page has some key features to get more information about the movie, view trailers, vote and share your picks on facebook. Here is a quick run down of the Nominees page.

First you will notice the same easy to navigate layout that we used last year. Simply flip through the categories by the film reel at top and you will be presented with a carousel view of this year nominees for that category. You can tap the movie poster to have a detailed view of that movie come up or click Vote to cast your vote for that movie. You can always change your vote up until shortly before the Academy Awards start. After you vote for your pick you can easily share that pick with your fiends on Facebook. We know you all love movies and love to share your pics so just click on the Facebook icon that will appear under the Vote button. You do have to link the app to your Facebook account first for this to work and that can easily be done in the settings tab by clicking on the Facebook Login button and entering in your facebook username and password.
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If you haven’t seen a movie yet and want to check out a trailer just turn your phone sideways. The trailer will start playing automatically. Once you have started to make your picks tap on the My Picks button at the top right to see all of your selections so far. If you missed a category or two tap right on the category and you will be taken back to that section. If you have made all of your picks then its time for one of the most fun parts of Awards Hero: Oscars Edition, start a Oscars pool! We will cover how to setup a Oscars pool with your Facebook friends tomorrow so check back soon.

Don’t have the app yet? Get it in iTunes here: Awards Hero: Oscars Edition. You can also visit us on Facebook or Twitter to learn first hand about our app releases and updates.

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