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iOS 4.2 for the iPad

iOS 4.2 for the iPad

By on Sep 16, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments

We all know iOS 4.2 is coming to the iPad in November and for those of us who watched the keynote from Steve Jobs at the start of this month know it’s going to be a really solid update. Every update that Apple releases for the iPhone or iPad always has some great new features that we as developers get excited about. It always opens up the doors for our apps to do more, and really amazes us how powerful a mobile app have become compared to a few years ago. With the 4.0 release we were able to link our workflow apps directly to the iPhone calendar so you can now choose between the iPhone cal or google calendar. What will 4.2 bring to our apps? You will have to wait to find out, but in the meantime here is a brief walkthrough of what iOS 4.2 will include for the iPad. What are you most excited about in 4.2? Leave us a note below. Also make sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news on our new iPad apps.

Multitasking – The simple but extremely useful feature of Multitasking that Apple released for the iPhones in iOS 4.0 is finally coming to the iPad! This will work just like you are used to on your iPhones and is a very big addition to the iPad.

AirPlay / AirPrint – These are going to be huge. With AirPrint your iPad is going to start chipping away at your laptop usage. By adding these two features Apple is letting the iPad push your content out to other devices rather than having it as just a device to consume info. These really are going to be huge to move the iPad forward as a computing device rather than something just to play and consume content. I think just the ability to now print is going to change the way you use your iPads and open up some cool opportunities to enhance our apps.

Universal Inbox – This is a huge one that we have been waiting for. After using the universal inbox on the iPhone for awhile now I have to say that was one of the best improvements Apple made to the mail app. As someone who checks many different email accounts it is extremely useful to have one singular email box to check vs going back and forth to different boxes. The other enhancement to mail is threaded messages. It will now group together your email threads and is one of those features that once you use it you can’t imagine not using it.

Folders – For those of your who have pages and pages of apps already you can now organize into folders (with up to 20 apps per folder). A great way to keep your apps organized.

Game Center – The new Game Center that the iPhone/iPod Touch have is now available on the iPad.

Notes – A small update but something that most people will really appreciate. You are finally able to change the font settings in the Notes app from the Marker Felt font to Helvetica and Chalkboard fonts. Helvetica will be a well received font for this app.

Check out these videos for some of the first walkthroughs of some key additions to iOS 4.2


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