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iOS 4 new features

iOS 4 new features

By on Jun 23, 2010 in Blog | 1 comment

Today we are continuing our look into iOS 4 and want to showcase some additional features that you will love with this new operating system. Here are a few more of the big updates that Apple put into the operating system along with some little known gems.

Spell check – The iPhone now has spell check built right into the operating system and for those of you who are using the iPad it works the same way. Basically once you have typed a word that the iPhone thinks is mistyped it will underline it in red. Then tap on the word and you will see possible replacements pop up above it, tap on the correct word and thats it! Very simple to use spell check and based on a few days of real world testing seems to be very accurate.

Events, Faces and Places in the Photo Menu – This is going to be very cool for anyone that has iPhoto. When you go into your Photos app you now will have 4 tabs on the bottom; Albums, Events, Faces and Places. This gives you more ways to navigate through your iPhone photos quicker, I think the faces is a really good addition to the iPhone. Faces will only work if you have iPhoto on your computer and use the Faces button there to sort your photos by person. If you haven’t tried that out in iPhoto it does work very well, I have been amazed at the accuracy of predicting people once you tag them a few times. The Places tab will work regardless of if you are using iPhoto or not, since your iPhone tags the location of where the photo was taken it will now give you a map view of all of the photos from your iPhone and group them by where they were taken.

Notes Sync – Another small but very useful addition is the ability to sync notes. I have been waiting for this for awhile, I am always jotting down notes in the notepad but then have to remember to email them to myself so I can see them on my desktop later. Now as long as you are a MobileMe member click into your Mail, Contact, Calendar setting in the settings app. Then click on your MobileMe account and you will see a new button for Notes at the bottom.

Here are a few more little additions that most people don’t know about yet

Resize Photos While Sending – This is a great new add on if you want to send a quick photo from your iPhone but don’t want to send the full size photo. It now gives you 4 options when sending a photos, Small, Medium, Large or the original size.

SMS Character Count – For everyone who always runs out of space with your SMS messages you can now turn on a character count. In the settings app under messages you will see a new option to turn on message count. Then when you are typing a message over 30 characters you will see a new counter to the right.

SMS Search – You can now search your SMS messages just like you search email. At the top of the SMS screen there is now a search box.

Birthday Calendar – There is a new calendar for Birthdays that pulls together all birthdays from your contacts.

Smart Links For Dates and Addresses in Emails – Dates and Address in your email now appear as smart links, clicking on them will let you look up the location or add the date as an event. Just like the smart links in your Apple mail client!

Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing – You can now pair your Apple bluetooth keyboard with your iPhone.

Cellular Data On/Off – In your network settings you can also turn on/off your cellular data

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