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Portrait Photography 101

Portrait Photography 101

By on Apr 2, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments

Our first iPad app has just been approved by Apple and will be available for the iPad launch date on April 3rd! We are very excited about the possibilities of the iPad, with innovative and creative apps we think the iPad will really change the face of computing. We have lots of great app ideas for the iPad and hope to release some really great apps later this year. With our first iPad app we have teamed up with award winning photographer Mark Stagi to create a photography app that will help you take better portraits.

Portrait Photography 101: A Guide to Taking Better Portraits walks you through some key concepts to improve your photos. Everything is explained in real life terms with beautiful large sample images. No drawn out techie terms just straight forward answers from award winning wedding and portrait photographer Mark Stagi. If you love taking photos of your kids, are a amateur photographer or a professional looking for some portrait ideas this is the perfect app for you. Read through some real life scenarios along with high resolution images to learn how to take better portraits. Camera settings and stories about each shoot are included as well as a notes section for you to write down some notes as you read along.

This will be in the app store shortly here: Portrait photography 101

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