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Social Diary iPad app updated with Instagram support

Social Diary iPad app updated with Instagram support

By on Nov 6, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

We are excited to announce our latest update to our Social Diary iPad app that adds the most requested feature that everyone requested… Instagram Support. The iPad journal that can write on it’s own with your Facebook and Twitter posts can now bring in all of your Instagram photos to tell the full story of your life. With the updated Social Diary iPad app you have a quick and easy way to journal about your life using your social media updates as your base. Breeze through your past posts with flip of the finger. Look back at your memories from the past all in one beautiful journal where you can add additional memories and tag posts to search by later on.

Adding photos to your journal really adds a personal touch and as a big fan of Instagram ourselves we are really excited about this update. While testing out the app update the last few months I have really enjoyed looking through dates in the past and reminiscing on some great memories that were captured in Instagram along with my posts from Facebook and Twitter. It’s really fun and we think you will all love the update!

As always we appreciate your feedback, feel free to contact us at the contact link above for other things you would like to see added or leave a 5 star review in iTunes.

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