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Tagging your posts with Social Diary iPad app

Tagging your posts with Social Diary iPad app

By on Sep 28, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

Tagging your posts with Social Diary – Automated Journal for iPad.

One part of our Social Diary app that we love is the ability to categorize your social media posts. When we first envisioned the Social Diary app we wanted a really quick and easy way to start a journal without having to re-create all of your main moments from your day. We are always tweeting and fackbooking about our daily events and what we are up to so why not have that as your base of a journal and then add some extra details to the app. Its a fun way to have a journal and also great to see your Facebook and Twitter posts all in one place on a calendar.

Another great part of the app that not everyone has utilized yet is the ability to tag your posts. You can easily tag posts and I wanted to run through how to do this so everyone can get the most our of the app.

To tag your first post just tap anywhere on the post in the main view of the app. You will see a new section appear on the left pane of the app where you can now type in the tag name into the top bar. Once you are done just tap on the text below that says “Tap to create new tag”.

Every time you create a new tag it will be saved in the list on the left to make it quick and easy to use these tags for other posts. Then you can tap on the tag icon at the top right to search your entire journal for a specific tag!

We also are working hard on the next update to the app and it’s almost ready! I think everyone will love it so stay tuned for more information!

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